Hilarious lady-made web series that will help you forget it's Monday.

"From the Worst Actress, to the Worst Realtor, to my fave, The Worst Teenage Boy, you quickly realize that her writing is only outdone by her acting range. This girl is a star, trust me."

15 Women-Driven Web Series That Could Be the Next 'Broad City'
With "Broad City" wrapping up its season, here's a look at 15 web series with the potential to be just as big.

"New Orleans improv comedians Kyle June Williams and CJ Hunt created this gem of series, a "Portlandia"-style sketch show set in the Big Easy. "Sunken City" shies away from "Portlandia's" curious randomness choosing to focus on a set group of characters and how they try and fail to make it in the city."

5 Slept on Videos You Should Watch This Week

"The editing is spot-on, and the storylines will make you want to finish the series in one sitting."

LA Weekly
Two Local Comedians Are Standing Up To Trump's Nonsense With Pussy Control

         "This is the kind of frank talk you might not see at other comedy shows, but Williams and Van Poppelen are ready to Make American Comedy Deep Again."